My New JAM Stack Site

My New Tech Stack

I re-built my website using the following stack.

  • Contentful for my content.
  • GraphQL data query language.
  • React and Styled Components.
  • GatsbyJS for my static site generator.
  • Netlify for my static host.
  • Cloudflare WAF/CDN.
  • Circle CI, Github, and webhooks for my automated deployment.
  • Disqus for comments.

So far I am happy with this current stack. Netlify and Contentful start to get pretty expensive though when you start reaching the threshold of the free tiers. I may revisit my stack in the future based on that.


Contentful is an awesome service and they have a generous free tier for developers. This is a great headless CMS option with a great set of features. Contentful is super easy to integrate with GatsbyJS using the gatsby-source-contentful plugin.

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-source-contentful`,
      options: {
        spaceId: `your_space_id`,
        // Learn about environment variables:
        accessToken: process.env.CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN,


GatsbyJS is always a pleasure to develop with. There are so many plugins that save time in development. Gatsby does a lot of things out of the box and you get a headstart with a performant PWA. I urge you to give Gatsby a shot if you haven't already.


Netlify has been super easy to integrate with, and I am satisfied with it so far. I come from Digital Ocean which was also a great experience. The only issue with Digital Ocean was I had to manage my droplets my self. This was time consuming and it is great that Netlify offers a free tier that saves me so much time.

I am a huge fan of JAM stack websites and apps. They are more performant, easier to scale, more secure, and I have a blast developing them.

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About Me

Hi, I am Front End Developer working my way up the stack. I am passionate about web development and growing as a developer.