Cloudflare Non WWW to WWW

How to forward non WWW to WWW on Cloudflare.

  1. Select "Page Rules" from the top navigation in Cloudflare.


  1. Click the "Create Page Rule" button. create-page-rule
  2. The first field is the URL you want to match, for example You will want to enter the non WWW url with an astrisks to match any path as well.*
  3. Then from the "Pick a Setting" field you will want to select "Forwarding URL".
  4. For the "Status Code" field select "302 - Temporary Redirect".
  5. For the destination URL use the following as an example and replace the domain with yours. Don't forget the $1 at the end, this is the capture group that will carry the path from the forwarding URL.$1 page-rule-example
  6. Now Click "Save and Deploy", you may also need to clear cache. That is it, you should be good to go.
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