If you are a designer chances are you own an Ipad. There are some really great apps out there for designers, and also some not so great apps. I have collected a quick list of my favorite Ipad apps below. Hope you find these as useful as I have, and if you have any favorites don’t forget to share in the comments below.

  1. Paper by FiftyThree
    This is probably my favorite Ipad app of all time. It’s a beautifully designed app and functions great. Paper is great for taking notes or doodling out ideas.
  2. Wunderlist To-Do List & Tasks
    I have been using this app for awhile now and love it. I use it for staying on top of projects and checking tasks off.
  3. SketchBook Pro
    Sketch by Autodesk is a great app for sketching or creating digital art.
  4. Spectrum
    This is a great app for playing around with color schemes. I don’t use it that often but when I do it is usually when I am brainstorming a project.
  5. Textastic Code Editor
    I you are looking for a text editor on the Ipad, this is a good one.
  6. Evernote
    I like this app for when I am taking notes during meetings. It does a lot more, but that is just what I use it for.
  7. Adobe Ideas
    This app is nice for sketching and playing around with ideas.