Lightroom presets come in handy when you want to quickly edit a large number of photos. They also help you to quickly experiment with different looks. I have made a collection of different sites that offer free Lightroom presets. I hope you find this handy, and also get some great presets to add to your collection. Feel free to share some of your favorite sites for Lightroom presets in the comments below.

1.On One Software

Here are quite a few Lightroom presets that will come in handy.

2.Preset Heaven

This site has some pretty useful Lightroom presets for your collection.

3.Wonderland Presets

This Tumblr site offers a variety of nice Lightroom presets.

4.Photo Insomnia

If you are looking for some HDR presets, this website has a few useful HDR Lightroom presets.

5.Light Gram

Here are some pretty cool free Lightroom presets, you will just have to like on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to unlock.

I thought I would also mention this great site for presets… they are not free, but they do have a large collection if you don’t mind forking out some dough. Pretty Presets For Lightroom