Tools are meant to make tasks easier, or allow you to accomplish something you weren’t previously able to do. Are you using tools within your social media strategy? Here are 5 tools that I have used personally, and would recommend. Now it may not make sense to use all of these, but you can at least try them out to see which you favor more.

1. Hootsuite

HootSuite streamlines your engagement with time-saving, automation, and targeting tools. It pulls content from all your social profiles into one dashboard, making it really easy to manage all in one place. With this tool you can also schedule post for certain peak times, or for times you are not available to post content. There are many other features built into this robust Twitter tool, which also manages your other social media outlets.

2. Bitly

The Bitly tool allows you to shorten links so when sharing a tweet you don’t take up too many characters. It also has stats that you can view for the shortened links you share. These stats let you view how many people clicked the link, along with other useful stats.

3. Buffer

This tool allows you to fill up your “buffer” with tweets, and it will post them for you throughout the day. That way it appears as if you are engaged most of the day.


The Communit tool shows you important people to engage with and to follow. Communit will suggest people you should follow or unfollow. It is a pretty nifty tool.

5. Tweeterspy

I saved the best for last! This one is my personal favorite. This tool is simple, it allows you to see what people are bringing you the most traffic. Now you can see what kind of tweets get the most engagement.

If you have some favorite twitter tools, please be sure to share them below.