If you are new to SEO then you are probably searching for some basic tools to get you started. Here is a list of five free SEO tools that are used most frequently by SEO specialists.

  1. Google Analytics – This tool is widely used. You have probably heard of it before and possibly are already using it, but I thought I would mention it just in case. This tool allows you to track an array of data from visitors to your site. You can track traffic, traffic sources, user information, conversions, and more. this is a great SEO tool and should be the first you use on your site.
  2. Google Webmaster’s Tools & Bing Webmaster’s Tools – These SEO tools are very important and help you optimize your site for traffic. Both webmaster’s tools allow you to submit sitemaps, see crawl errors, server errors, search queries, and more.
  3. Pingdom – This nifty little tool checks the speed of you site and allows you to see problem areas that need to be fixed. Page speed does affect page rankings, so it is important to optimize the speed of the website.
  4. Google Trends – This SEO tool shows trends based on keywords. So you can see what is trending and what keywords are popular.
  5. Google Keyword Planner – You can use this SEO tool to optimize your content for search with specific keywords. This will most likely be one of the tools you will use when doing your keyword research.

That should get you started off on the right foot as you begin to delve into SEO. Stay tuned for the next list of SEO tools, as I will be sharing more tools. What are your favorite SEO tools that you have been using, let us know in the comments below.