The best way to learn JavaScript or sharpen your skills, is to practice. The following tutorials teach you how to build something with JavaScript and in turn you learn by doing. I have linked to some great quality JavaScript tutorials that will help teach you to think creatively. These should be fun projects for you to build, and after your finished you will have some useful tools.

How to create a Stopwatch in Javascript

This JavaScript tutorial will teach you how to build a stopwatch. This should be a fun tutorial, and after you are finished you will have a fully functional stopwatch. To dive deeper into this tutorial, maybe you can think about adding other functionality to your stopwatch; like a lap feature.

Make A Calculator Using JavaScript And CSS3

You will learn how to build a calculator with this JavaScript tutorial. This tutorial will teach you some of the basics and help you to build upon them. It is a fun tutorial, and after you are done you will have a full functioning calculator.

How to Create a Lightbox Ultra Using CSS and JavaScript

Learn how to make a lightbox for photos on your website with CSS and JavaScript. This is a great way to enhance the user experience on a website.

How to create a Popup with CSS and Javascript

JavaScript tutorials that access the DOM help you to understand how JavaScript works within a webpage. This tutorial teaches you how to build a popup, or modal window with JavaScript. These can be very useful for asking the user to signup for a newsletter, inform them of a product, or any other way of communicating to the user.

Doing real-time calculations in a form using JavaScript

Learn how to calculate the input from a form with this great tutorial. This is a great JavaScript tutorial for calculating user input from a form and displaying it in real time for them.

I hope these great JavaScript tutorials inspired you to check them out and start building awesome stuff. If you have any favorites that you would like to add to the list, let everyone know in the comments below.