Using Photoshop brushes can enhance your designs and also save you time. I have compiled a list of high quality Photoshop brushes that are also some of my favorites. This list includes bokeh brushes, spray paint brushes, skin brushes, watercolor brushes, and many more. I tried to mix it up and give you a variety of different brushes.

1. Spray Paint Brushes Vol 1

spray paint brushes

2. Photoshop Brush Set (Matt Heath)

photoshop brush set

3. Painted Strokes Set 2

paint stroke brushes

4. Subtle Brush Set

subtle brush set

5. Skin brushes

skin brushes

6. Smoke brush set

smoke brushes

7. Dirty spray brush set

dirty spray brush set

8. Dry brush strokes

dry brush strokes

9. Cloud brushes

cloud brushes

10. Bokeh brushes

Bokeh brushes